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Secret Calendar Quilt Program

Note: There isn't a Secret Calendar Quilt for the 2022-2023 Guild Year. 
But the following info is how it generally runs...

SHHHH.... Can you keep a secret????!!!! A calendar secret????!!!!
This program will start at our October guild meeting when two monthly themes
will be announced to start your quilt calendar project. Each subsequent month two
more monthly themes will be announced, until all 12 months have been included.

The final step is to assemble your monthly interpretations into one quilt project,
to be completed by our June Banquet where each calendar quilt will be revealed.
Determining your final quilt size will help you know what size block to make each
month. Your completed project may be a wall hanging, lap quilt or larger quilt.

Monthly Interpretations:
As each month is assigned, what image does each month evoke for you?
When you think of that month, what comes to mind?
How about a single view of scenery with its various changes each month?
Or a single item, like a tree, or a view of a home, with the various changes each
month brings to that item throughout the year
Or Sunbonnet Sue dressed in a different outfit month by month

All sewing methods are encouraged.
Here are some methods and ideas to get your creative juices flowing:
Applique, Crazy Quilt
Embroidery, Wool Embroidery
Wool Work, Creative Embellishments

Let your creativity soar, and create a personal quilt calendar. From beginners to
veteran quilters, each calendar created will be special, for each will be unique!!!!
Create to your heart’s delight!!!!!

Questions? Reach out to the program coordinator, found on the contacts page