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Comfort Quilts

The Comfort Quilt Program is designed to provide donated quilts to those in need. This may be hospitals – Oncology Departments, Pediatric Departments, Neo-natal Units, or nursing homes, local shelters and care centers, visiting nurse associations or in response to a disaster, such as a fire. Our focus is on finding organizations that are currently not being supported by other Guilds or Church groups. If you know of an organization or someone in need, please let the program coordinator know.

Quilts of all sizes and types (infants, kids, adults) will be gratefully accepted. Kits are often available at the guild meeting. These kits do not have a deadline. Complete them at your pace and return the quilt to the coordinator when finished.

These quilts do not have to be complicated or costly.

  • Challenge yourself to use fabrics from your stash.
  • If you like to piece but not quilt you can tie your quilt or partner with another member to get it quilted.
  • If you like to machine quilt, volunteer to quilt a donated top. Teamwork gets it done!
Available Patterns:  Patterns that have been used to create kits include: Kathie's 5 Inch Comfort Quilt (pattern, example), Super Simple 9 Patch, Reversible Crib Quilt, Double Bars Scrap, Shamrock Shake and Simple Scrappy. Click on any one of these to obtain and print the pattern. There are many websites offering Free Quilt Patterns. Here is one to check out. Free Quilt Check the Resources section of the website for additional links.

Some things to keep in mind when making your quilt

    • Fabrics should be 100% cotton or flannel. 
    • EVERYTHING should be constructed to withstand many washings and without embellishments or buttons that could come off and become a choking hazard.
    • Do not use invisible thread on infant quilts as it may come loose and wrap around tiny fingers or toes.
    • Always double check for pins.
    • NO GLITTER FABRICS please - Glitter can flake off and get into open wounds, causing serious issues!
    • Wash quilts in unscented detergent and do not use fabric softeners. Strong smells of chemicals or smoke may jeopardize the health of a patient.

For additional information refer to the coordinator listed on the contacts pageTogether we can make a difference in the lives of others.
Thank you

Organizations Accepting Quilts from Individuals

Our guild collects quilts to distribute to several organizations on an ongoing basis.  Guild members should contact our Comfort Quilts coordinator to contribute to those causes.

There are times that guild members may want to contribute directly to other organizations collecting quilts due to immediate needs that are in the news. Contributions to these organizations are not organized by the guild.  A guild member has suggested that guild members may want to individually contribute directly to the following:

Tornado Relief (December 10, 2021 Tornado)
Put label on outside of box as to # of items and size and mail to Hancock's of Paducah.
Hancock's of Paducah
Attention: Tornado Relief
3841 Hinkleville Road
Paducah, KY 42001