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Guild Challenges

The Year Long Challenge. The “Year Long Challenge” is introduced at the September or October guild meeting. A theme is presented along with challenge 'rules' and guidelines. Expect many members to take part in the challenge and produce very different interpretations. The biggest part of this challenge is the fact that you are basically your own designer, though patterns may be used. You do the interpretation and create, turning your thoughts and creative spirit into a fabric vision. This is a voluntary program to participate in. We hope you all have fun with it.

The year long challenge for our 2019-2020 guild year is:
Guild member, Carlotta V is coordinating the Year-Long Quilt Challenge this year.
  • THEME: "What Are You Reading?". The idea is to select page 18 from a book that you are reading and use it as inspiration for a wall hanging.
  • FINISHED SIZE: Completed wall hangings should be no larger than 24” x 24".
  • COMPLETED REQUIREMENTS: Completed means that your wall hanging is quilted, has no raw edges and is labeled.
  • DUE DATE: All completed wall hangings shall be turned in to Carlotta V. at our May 2020 guild meeting (May 21, 2020). 
  • INSTRUCTIONS: Guild members can click here to go to the Members Only page to download a PDF file with complete instructions for the challenge.

The Summer Challenge. 
Each June, as the guild year comes to a close, a “Summer Challenge” is presented.  This challenge has been different every year. We have had musical challenges, architectural challenges and color challenges. The point is we leave you with an assignment to make a finished quilt during the summer months.  The challenge is not a mandatory assignment.  Our hope is that we can keep you quilting and that maybe you will try a new technique or two.  These quilts are then viewed at the September meeting.  We have a little show of them and they are voted on with small prizes given to the guild’s choice for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.  It has always been a great time for those who have made these quilts and for those who get to view them.  So if you are so inclined to join the summer challenge, please do so.  There is always lots of help available, just ask. The challenge coordinator information is on the contacts page.

Welcome to the Summer Challenge for 2019.
The Summer 2019 challenge is being coordinated by Lynn T. If you would like to join in the fun simply complete your challenge using the challenge rules and bring it to the September 26th guild meeting - and yes, that is not a typo - the meeting is the 4th Thursday of the month for September. 

This summer as you relax and enjoy the good weather, think up a fanciful fish or underwater scene with fish joined with other sea life.  Use your imagination to design a single fish or a school of fish.  Place them in the ocean, lake or aquarium...just have some fun and play...
  1. THEME: Something seems a little fishy around here... 
Please create a quilt with the following guidelines:
  1. Must have a top, batting and back.
  2. Edges must be finished but not necessarily bound. No raw edges, please.
  3. May not exceed 120 inches all around. Can be square, rectangle, round, oval or whatever shape you like.
  4. Must have some sort of quilting holding the 3 layers together. Hand, big stitch or machine or any combination of your choosing.
  5. Needs to have the 3 following embellishments: Please add
  • Something couched, such as yarn, rat tail or thread
  • Beads any size or shape
  • Something reflective. May be metal glass, Angelina, mirror, plastic or paint
  1. My desire is for these to be hung in the quilt show as a group.
  2. Contact Lynn T. with any questions...
Guild members can click here to go to the Members Only page to download a PDF file with complete instructions for the challenge.