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Guild Challenges

The Year Long Challenge. The “Year Long Challenge” is introduced at the September or October guild meeting. A theme is presented along with challenge 'rules' and guidelines. Expect many members to take part in the challenge and produce very different interpretations. The biggest part of this challenge is the fact that you are basically your own designer, though patterns may be used. You do the interpretation and create, turning your thoughts and creative spirit into a fabric vision. This is a voluntary program to participate in. We hope you all have fun with it.  The year long challenge coordinator(s) info is on the contacts page. 

The Summer Challenge.  Each June, as the guild year comes to a close, a “Summer Challenge” is presented.  This challenge has been different every year. We have had musical challenges, architectural challenges and color challenges. The point is we leave you with an assignment to make a finished quilt during the summer months.  The challenge is not a mandatory assignment.  Our hope is that we can keep you quilting and that maybe you will try a new technique or two.  These quilts are then viewed at the September meeting.  It has always been a great time for those who have made these quilts and for those who get to view them.  So if you are so inclined to join the summer challenge, please do so.  There is always lots of help available, just ask. The summer challenge coordinator information is on the contacts page.
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