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Mystery Quilt Program

This is a quilt you create over the course of the guild year based on 'clues' provided by the program coordinator. 

Participating in the Mystery Quilt program is so much FUN! Every member who signs up will receive an email notification when the monthly clue is available on the website, with none of us having any idea of the quilt pattern. We will know size, and will be using colors of our choice, but the fun is in completing a new step each month trying to envision the final outcome. To sign-up see the program coordinator at the September meeting. If you are unable to attend the September meeting and would like to participate, contact the program coordinator listed on the contacts page. The coordinator can gauge the level of interest, and whether to run the program, based on the number of members interested.

To get started you only need to click on the link below to access a list of required fabrics needed to complete the mystery. Usually, but not always, the fabric requirements will list specific yardage by value, the amount of light fabric, medium fabric and dark fabric. The final clue we receive in April will include a picture of the quilt pattern, as well as the last step to complete the top. The quilt is to be completed by the end of the guild year. At the June banquet members display their completed mystery quilts and it’s always amazing to see how different each quilt looks, depending on the fabrics chosen to create the very same pattern.

Once you sign up, watch your email each month for the announcement that the clue has been published, and happy sewing!!!!!

For Mystery Quilt program documents click on the appropriate yearly link below:
Current Year (2023-2024)